Welfare Denmark

Welfare technology systems for the Health sector
Virtual Rehabilitation® and Virtual Relocation Guidance 

Welfare Denmark is a leading company in the industry of welfare technologies.  Our company offers tested and efficient virtual solutions for rehabilitation and relocation guidance. We strive to develop unique solutions that make a genuine difference in rehabilitation medicine by creating economical and human added value to our customers, end-users and a society.

Our team has developed solutions for health care industry in a close and formalized cooperation with several municipalities in Denmark. These municipalities have contributed significantly to the development of Welfare Denmark's technologies on a management and a therapist levels. Such productive cooperation enabled us to offer solutions that fit into daily healthcare operations and that efficiently contribute to resolve the growing number of challenges posed by the healthcare industry to a society.

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For all public and private healthcare providers there are significant economic benefits that result from the implementation of innovative welfare technologies in the healthcare system.

Currently, our welfare technologies are implemented in 30 municipalities including Esbjerg, København, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

Welfare Denmark operates internationally and participates in collaborative projects in Europe, China, Middle East and USA. We are partnering with Welfare Sverige in Sweden and with Welfare Norge in Norway. In addition, we are part of Microsoft International Partnership in virtual health solutions and have been admitted to Microsoft Global Outlook 2014 - 2017 as one of the most value-adding IT companies. Also, Welfare Denmark was mentioned in the article
” Regional perspectives - Europe, Middle East and Africa" on pages 26 and 102.

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Welfare technologies:

Virtual Rehabilitation

This unique solution sends advanced training data via mobile network. Therefore, it is not dependent on broadband connection. Our customers find this to be extremely useful and agile. Simply, when a customer makes a cell phone call, this virtual rehabilitation system will send data to a therapist.

Citizens in need of rehabilitation are secured trough an individual and dynamic plan for their rehabilitation treatment.

Virtual Rehabilitation is extremely user friendly and flexible. Our customers find it to be very accessible and motivating. Each customer just has to press a button in order to use this system which provides self-care with dignity.

Testing systems for guests are placed here:
CareLab, Technological Institute, Odense, see homepage
Center for Welfare Technology, Aalborg Municipality, see homepage

Virtual Relocation Guidance
Next generation of E-learning presented as PCS (Personal Computer Simulation) will secure health personel in all sectors an efficient and measurable learning about relocations.

READ MORE HERE about our solutions and see the videos below 

Virtual Rehabilitation:

  • Minister of Finance Bjarne Corydon visits the Rehabilitation Center of Esbjerg Municipality and
  • Citizen using Virtual Rehabilitation to regain functional level
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Innovation Award winner 2013 - Microsoft Health Users Group - Welfare Denmark

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